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McCray Dove

Born: August 5, 1969 in Elizabethtown, NC. 
From: Bladenboro, NC. (McCray now resides in Greenville, NC) 
Position: Lead vocalist and manager,
Family: Yvonne, daughter Kalea, sons David Robert, Andrew McCoy and Mathew Aaron.
Hobbies: Golf and quartet record collecting. 
What you love about traveling? Something new everyday.
What to you dislike about traveling? Gone from my family.

Some Of The Favs!

Favorite place to eat: Dixie Queen.
Favorite group: Statesmen and Blackwoods of the 50's..
Favorite Singers: To many to name.
Favorite Musician: Hovie Lister.
Favorite Song(s): He Didn't Throw the Clay Away.
Favorite Food: Seafood.
Favorite Snack: Cookies.
Favorite pet: Dogs.
Favorite store: Golf Shops. 
Favorite cologne: Bene'.
Favorite Sport: Golf.
Favorite Team: UNC Tarheels. 
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite Scripture: John 3:16.
Who has inspired you in your life? The Legends of Gospel Music. 
What other talents do you have? I play a few instruments and write songs.
What are your pet peeves? Lazy singing.
If you were not in the music industry, what would you be doing? I would be trying to get into the music industry.

Email:  McCray